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CUA on the Radio:

CUA Executive Director debates with Calvinist professor — Premier Christian Radio (U.K.), Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley, March 15, 2008, “Christian Universalism – Will everyone be saved?” (66:43). Rev. Eric Stetson defends and promotes Christian Universalism in a lengthy discussion with Dan Strange, lecturer at Oakhill Theological College, who takes the Damnationist position. The show also includes pre-recorded statements by Gregory MacDonald, the pseudonymous author of the book The Evangelical Universalist. (external link to the show)

CUA Seminar at the UUCF 2007 Annual Conference:

The following audio files were recorded at the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship conference in Cleveland, Ohio, on November 2, 2007. CUA Board members were given an opportunity to speak and answer questions about our organization.

Speech by CUA Co-Founder Eric Stetson. Rev. Stetson shares his personal spiritual journey of coming to believe in Christian Universalism, discusses the great denominational diversity among Christian Universalists today, and tells about the founding of the CUA to lead an ecumenical movement to reclaim the Christian heritage of Universalism. (23:33)

Three Types of Universalism. Dr. Cecil Bohanon, a member of the CUA Board of Directors at the time, explains that there are three different types of Universalism and that the CUA stands for the original, Christian type. (3:17)

The CUA: Progressive but Non-Political. Dr. Bohanon and Rev. Stetson clarify the difference between progressive Christianity in a spiritual sense, which the CUA supports; and progressive politics, which the CUA does not endorse as an organization because we take no position on political issues or parties. (2:18)

CUA Includes Both Trinitarians and Unitarians. Rev. Stetson responds to a question about how Trinitarians fit in the CUA, and Dr. Bohanon notes that even in the UUA there have been Trinitarian Christian churches. (2:05)

“Christian” and “Universalism” Can Be Confusing Words. Rev. Stetson responds to a comment about how Fundamentalists have co-opted the word Christian, and discusses how lots of conservative Christians who believe in universal salvation prefer not to call their beliefs Universalism because of stereotypes associated with this word. (3:37)

Christian Universalist Beliefs and Heritage. Rev. Stetson and Dr. Bohanon talk about the central beliefs of the CUA, the importance of being vocal about one’s beliefs, the heritage of Christian Universalism in the church and the goal of reclaiming this history for all kinds of Christians today. (9:29)