Board of Directors

The CUA serves according to its Bylaws, with the voluntary effort of its small Board of Directors. Current directors and officers include:

Lance Haverkamp (Board Chair) studied at both Denver Seminary, and Wagner (Church) Leadership Institute;  earning both a Master’s and Doctorate in Practical Ministry. He has been both a staff & volunteer leader in congregations, and denominational ministry;  as well as service the boards of performing  and visual arts organizations. In business, Lance helps companies of all kinds find & train talent, using detailed personality matching.

Charlane Stead Leslie joined the board in 2015. An accomplished violinist, with extensive involvement with various orchestras, she is also a retired attorney with many years of service with local and state government. Charlane has been active in churches her whole life, teaching, leading worship, and serving on ministry teams. A graduate of UNLV, she received her J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law and studied for several years at Kings College.

Jim Egbert

Reverend James E. Egbert is an ordained minister of the Christian Universalist Association who lives in Lansdale Pennsylvania.   Currently James serves as an Adjunct Chaplain at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and occasionally serves as a guest preacher at a local church. James also practices law in Abington, Pennsylvania where he concentrates his practice in estate planning and administration as well as corporate law.  In his legal capacity he has assisted in the startup of several churches and assists churches with legal challenges.  James became a Board member of the CUA in November 2017.  James is married to Julie Cavanagh-Egbert and has three children and three grandchildren.

Michael Camp studied missions at Fuller Seminary and earned a Master’s in global economic development at Eastern University. He was an ordained American Baptist missionary and aid worker to Muslim communities in Somalia, Kenya, and Malawi and a lay leader in a variety of churches. He is an author of two books on his spiritual evolution and the history of Christianity. Today, Michael’s day job is working for a Microsoft partner in business software sales and marketing, while pursuing his passion of using his blog and podcast (The Spiritual Brewpub) to help spiritual refugees find their way.

Greg Rupert was raised in the Methodist Church in Boulder, CO, but had a “receiving Christ to be born-again and be saved” experience with Campus Crusade for Christ at UNC in Greeley. Four years later he married into the Southern Baptist denomination. Being a junior high/high school band, choir, theater director, he spent the next 40 years in some aspect of music/youth ministry in Evangelical Christianity. Eight years ago he met a young man who turned his world upside down assuring him that his dad was NOT burning in an unconscionable, unfathomable, abominable HELL. Thus began his intense and comprehensive study of the Bible, it’s translations, the Greek Septuagint, secular and Christian history, Calvinist/Arminian church fathers, current “fathers,” and “universalist” church fathers, and Christian leaders. Discovering CUA, he immediately determined to be actively involved. Greg resides in Dubach, LA with Elaine, his soul mate and life partner of 45 years. They have one son, Sean Christopher, a grandson, Ryder Elway (YES! Sean is a HUGE Bronco fan!) and a dream daughter-in-law Windy Renee. His mom, Dorothy Rupert, a Colorado State Senator is 92, lives in Boulder and is still traveling the world!

Ivy Brooks

Ivy Brooks is always one for adventure and it was a perfect fit to work for Noah’s Ark Explorer, Errol Cummings. As Executive Secretary for the Turkish-American International Expeditions, Inc. she assisted in fund raising, coordinating expeditions to Mt Ararat, and connecting with notable dignitaries and American heroes interested in their project. Ivy served as the Executive Officer for a local branch of the largest trade association in the world – the National Association of Realtors: staffing and supporting its many committees, and participating in state and national committees. She become a “train the trainer” and regional conference speaker for a national telecom company. All the while, the burning desire to make a difference in the world fueled her theological academics as she wrote for a national Christian society magazine and participated as a conference speaker …these studies led her to the bottom line: Jesus taught that to love God and neighbor fulfilled the law-and we are to be spiritual (not religious) people. Being a spiritual person is synonymous with being a kind person whose highest priority is to be loving to yourself and others, caring about people, animals and the world; knowing that we are all One, and consciously attempting to honor this Oneness.

Click here to see a chronological list of CUA leaders from founding to present (including those no longer serving on the Board), when they have served and what offices they have held.