These are a variety of Christian Universalist ministries; some are caring, feeding, or housing people; others are teaching ministries.

The following congregations, or ministries, have affiliated with the CUA. We have reviewed their Statement of Faith, and mission/vision for ministry; and find them to be consistent with Christian Ultimate Reconciliation theology. All organizations within the CUA are affiliated by: Complete independence in terms of governance and operations. Acts of love, respect, caring, and mutual support. Sharing resources, ideas, and leadership training. The CUA does not provide ongoing supervision or control of affiliated congregations or ministries.



Interior Coverings Ministry
Audrey Drummonds
527 E Myers Blvd
Mascotte, FL 34753


Light of the World Ministries
Michael and Diane Nevins
4800 Brooklyn Rd
Jackson, MI 49021

New York:

Vision Fellowship Ministries
Fred Claus


Phil Henry Ministries


Universal Church of the Restoration
Eric Stetson


Soldiers of Our Shepherd
Matthew Keck
Location varies, it’s a roving chaplaincy, with pop up events