Are you looking for a faith community that boldly proclaims God’s unfailing love for all people?, that presents Jesus Christ as a Savior who shows us the true heart of the Creator, as a spiritual leader you can follow with joy and integrity — indeed a faith that does not use the fear of an endless burning “hell” to frighten people into being Christian?

Has your heart already told you that by the grace of God in Jesus Christ, in the end there will be no one left behind — and that through this blessed hope we can truly break down barriers and bring people together in a spirit of joy and “good tidings to all”?

There is such a faith, it is called Christian Universalism. This positive and victorious message of the Gospel is not something new but was in fact a prevailing belief of the Church for many years after Jesus lived and died.

As time went on this belief in universal salvation waned and almost died out, but it was kept alive by a few free-thinking mystics. Finally, after long ages of darkness, the light of universalism was rekindled by pioneering spiritual leaders during the Reformation, and again in the 18th and 19th centuries. They rejected the teaching of eternal damnation and centered their communities of faith in their belief that the grace of God will save every single human being.

More and more people today are rediscovering this original Christian faith and are coming together to share it — with each other, and with people who have not yet heard the Good News.

We are here to proclaim this Good News of how God has redeemed all humankind through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We will try our best to help you in your spiritual journey as a Christian Universalist, and maybe to guide you to a place of worship where you can praise God with all your heart, where the message is uplifting, not angry and condemning. We will help you to find fellowship with other CUs, with whom you might work together to proclaim the reconciliation of all people.

We invite you to explore the articles, videos, and resources on this website to see if Christian Universalism and the Christian Universalist Association are right for you. And if you share our beliefs and goals, we invite you to join us and become part of the Second Reformation that can transform the world in the 21st century!