In 2016 we were looking for a logo that was unique to us. Some wanted something a little reminiscent of the Christian Universalist imagery from the past; but no one wanted to minimize Christ as the center of our faith. The small off-center cross in a circle was well-known; but it sent the message that Christ was not the only way to God. What we finally selected was in-fact reminiscent of that well-known symbol, but very different in very important ways:

The cross was enlarged, and brought back centrally, as Christ is the center of our faith. There is a clear path, at the base, leading straight to the cross. And, the circle was replaced with a Möbius strip…reminding us that no mater where we start our journey, we shall all end-up on the right path, as all are reconciled with God.”

Thanks to our member Michael Just and artist Kris Dyche, who coordinated to create our logo!

Our Inclusive Graphic

We also have an Inclusive Graphic that you’ll see around our site, and congregations. Here’s a short video on what it means: