You can increase awareness about your congregation or other ministry by affiliating with the Christian Universalist Association. We are the Big-Umbrella for organizations, like yours, who teach that “Through Christ, all are reconciled to God.” We have thousands of members, across 40 countries. We are not a denomination; instead, we are an association of churches, along with individuals, and other ministries who teach the overwhelming historical and scriptural evidence that all are reconciled to God as revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As part of the big-umbrella Association, you get services that a single ministry or congregation cannot do alone:

  • Official recognition for congregations
  • Ordination as Clergy, for both chaplains and congregational ministers
  • Chaplain Endorsement for healthcare or government employment
  • Conventions, conferences, regional gatherings, and online conversations
  • Ministerial Education by correspondence (as an alternative to seminary)
  • Search assistance for hiring a pastor or chaplain
  • Resources to support, understand, and spread the message of universal reconciliation–that the restorative love and peacemaking ethics of Jesus frees people to love one another rather than struggling under the burden of religiosity
  • Resources and support, to understand and spread the practice of working toward restorative solutions and responses to conflict and social problems

Anything Else?

Yes!!! Members have the opportunity to write for CUA publications; like our website and newsletter. Affiliated congregations also benefit from promotion and publicity that’s unavailable to non-members. As an integral part of the CUA, you’ll have a larger ministry footprint, the kind that is only possible in cooperation: You will be part of Christian Universalist ministerial education, ordination of clergy into both congregational ministry and chaplaincy, formal endorsement of chaplains, the translation and preservation of historically important Christian Universalist writings, and so much more!

All affiliates retain complete autonomy, but become part of a larger family of like-minded believers. We are all here to help one another, as we rejoice in the truly Good News!

Click here: This is where you become part of the larger family of CU congregations & ministries.

If, for some reason, you are unable to become an affiliated congregation, but would like to be listed as a “CUA-Friendly,” but unaffiliated congregation, please fill out this form.