Welcome new Board members!

We have lots of new (and returning) Board members this year! Here’s a very short introduction to each. We’ll have a proper length bio and photo up on the website soon.

Rev. Connie Pace-Adair: An ordained chaplain in the CUA; recently Rev. Pace-Adair spent five years at Kansas Masonic Home in Wichita as Pastoral Care Director. Chapel services, Bible Studies, Pastoral Counsel and all services for residents and staff were offered as needed. she is on-call with God Squad Wedding Ministers of Wichita and travels within that area to perform wedding ceremonies.

Jess Lederman: Mr. Lederman created the website worksofmacdonald.com, and is active in the worldwide George MacDonald Society. He is also a novelist, authoring the book Hearts Set Free.

Steve HAuse: Mr. HAuse is the creator of the YouTube channel Love Unrelenting, which focuses primarily on Christian universalism. He recently produced a documentary on Christian Universalism.

Rev. Bill Robinson III: Rev. Robinson is a retired UUA pastor, with his ordination recently recognized by the CUA. He is very active in various service organizations, throughout the Rocky Mountain region of the USA.

Allen Broadus: Mr. Broadus ministers through The Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship; working with small groups as they progress into functioning Christian Universalist congregations, in The Church of Jesus Christ tradition.

Omar Miranda: Mr. Miranda is in the Air Force Chaplain Candidate Program, under the approval of the CUA. He is also the creator of the Innerfaith podcast.

Raj Hamid: Mr. Hamid’s has now embarked on his life-mission to share God’s message of love, mercy, and salvation – with a world in growing need of that bright hope more than ever.

Rev. Dr. Dan Medina: Rev. Medina has served as a Coast Guard Chaplain, and congregational Pastor. He currently pastors a UCC congregation in Florida.

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