Textbooks: Fast-Track Ordination

The fast-track Ordination process is for those who come to the CUA as trained, experienced church leaders–having come to a Universalist understanding during their ministry. For those who qualify with both ministry experience, and at least a Bible College degree, the process is simple: We check your references, and background. You write a few papers, and discuss things with our ordination committee. Assuming it’s a good fit, we will either officially recognize your existing ordination, or ordain you ourselves—whichever is best for your situation. The list of books below are the most that would be required for those accepted into the fast-track program. Contact us if you would like more information about how to apply by either regular or fast-track ordination.

Universalist Apologetics 1&2 combined

Part 1, choose two books:

Part 2, required:

Church History

This is just the universalist portion of the regular Church History Course.


Choose two books: