Textbooks: Fast-Track Ordination

The FastTrack Ordination process is for those who come to the CUA as trained, experienced church leaders–having come to a Universalist understanding during their ministry. For those who qualify with both ministry experience, and at least a Bible College degree, the process is simple: We check your references, and background. You write a few papers, and discuss things with our ordination committee. Assuming it’s a good fit, we will either officially recognize your existing ordination, or ordain you ourselves—whichever is best for your situation. Most FastTrack applicants still need to do a couple of courses–unless they can get an exemption. The list of books below are the most that would be required for those accepted into the fast-track program. Contact us if you would like more information about how to apply for either regular or FastTrack ordination.

Universalist Apologetics 1&2 combined

Part 1, choose two books:

Part 2, required:

Church History

This is just the universalist portion of the regular Church History Course.

This book is required:

Choose one additional book from this group: