Open Pulpit in rural Maine (USA)

Photo: Jimmy Emerson, DVM on Flickr

A CU congregation in rural Maine (USA) has an open pulpit, it’s been vacant for a few years, most recently due to Covid. They are Patristic in their understanding of Universalism. If you would like more information on this congregation, please contact the CUA office, with a few sentences about your qualifications, and contact information.

They are not (yet) a CUA member congregation, so we are not helping them search in a hands-on manner, but we are assisting them in getting their pastor search started.

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  1. Rev. Leslie Anne Chatfield

    Hi – I reside in Maine… it’s a big state but I’d be interested in learning more about these folks.
    Let me know. I’d be delighted to entertain possibilities if such possibilities are feasible.
    Thank you so very much.



    Rev. Leslie Anne Chatfield

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