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  • Christian Universalists Found New Association


    From: Kalen Fristad, Chair
    Contact: Eric Stetson, Executive Director
    (703) 879-1792
    Email: info@christianuniversalist.org
    Web Site: www.ChristianUniversalist.org

    Ministers, professors and authors from many Christian traditions have come together to found a new multi-denominational and ecumenical organization to reclaim and renew the ancient Christian doctrine of universal salvation. The Christian Universalist Association held its first meeting in May at the historic Universalist National Memorial Church in Washington, D.C., where they adopted bylaws, selected officers, and made plans for the future.

    “We are committed to bringing together people who believe deeply in God’s love for everyone,” said Rev. Kalen Fristad, Methodist pastor and Chair of the new organization. Contrary to the theme of the popular book series, this new group’s primary message is that no one is “left behind.” These Christian Universalists assert that God is not judgmental, condemning, or cruel and that, after a “time of trial” for some, “All flesh shall see the salvation of God,” as it says in Luke 3:6.

    Rev. Eric Stetson, the organization’s Executive Director, said the Christian Universalist Association is beginning an outreach program to find ministers and churches from a variety of denominations who believe in the good news of universal salvation. He said that the CUA is providing resources so that everyone can learn about this positive interpretation of Christianity, and that the organization will identify, train, and ordain new leaders, work with established congregations and build new ones.

    Persons interested in learning more about the Association may go to its website, www.ChristianUniversalist.org or call (703) 879-1792. Both individuals and congregations are encouraged to join the new group. They need not leave their current denomination to do so.