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  • Retired pastor joins movement

    Reprinted from The Reading Eagle, 4/28/2007

    Berks County, PA - After serving as a Unitarian Universalist pastor for nearly 30 years, John C. Morgan of Muhlenberg Township said he is ready to try something new: starting a nondenominational house church in the Reading area.

    After all, he said, Christianity began with small groups of Christians meeting in informal settings.

    “It’s kind of exciting ... going back to the roots (of the religion),” he said.

    Morgan had intended to start a house church last fall but postponed the project due to surgery.

    He is a founding board member of the Christian Universalist Association, a multi-denominational group that seeks to promote the formation of house churches. The 12-member group will have its first meeting in Washington in May.

    Morgan said the group will create networks and provide training for those who wish to start house churches. He said he suspects the group will not rely on ordained clergy to found house churches.

    “The model is shared ministry,” Morgan said, adding, “Everyone has different gifts.”

    Morgan said many churches in the U.S. have an edifice complex in which they are too concerned with maintaining the institution of the church.

    “People forget they must be disciples of Jesus first,” he said.

    Morgan retired as pastor of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County in 2004.

    Persons interested in joining Morgan in forming a house church may contact him at jcrossleymorgan@yahoo.com.