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New congregation affiliates with CUA

The CUA is pleased to announce that Restoration Church @Sanctuary on Sixth is now affiliated with the CUA! They are a physical congregation, located in Cleveland, Tennessee, and are having their Open House on October 30. You can find their information on our website under Congregations. Here’s a note from Pastors Dan and Dani:

All I can say is the Lord works in mysterious ways. 

Four months ago, there were no plans, or even thoughts for that matter, of starting a church. A simple online search for a house to purchase as an investment led to a small church building that was listed as one bedroom, two bathrooms. There are two bathrooms if you count being able to bathe out of a sink and I guess that you can put a bed in any room and call it a bedroom – but the Lord had other plans. 

Fast forward to today, and we have created a buzz in the community and city with our ideas and work on renovating the building. Our message of restoring and Christian Universalism rings true to many that are stopping by to get a look at what we are doing. We have several “members in waiting” who will join us officially when we open our doors. 
Stop by for a visit if you find yourself near Cleveland, Tennessee. We are located on the corner of 6th and Lowery.

Dan and Dani Clark

(father and daughter)

If your congregation is interested in affiliation with the CUA, let us know at

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