New CU Book by Rev. Peter Stilla

Can Christianity experience a twenty-first-century renaissance? Can it again serve as a welcoming home for authentic Truth seekers who aspire to genuine spiritual and mystical experience? Naturally Miraculous describes the path of bringing this long-sought objective into being. First, it contains a strong refutation of today’s sectarian, orthodox Christianity and argues for a return to what Christianity originally was before the rise of Roman Catholicism, when it was the more mystical, Universalist religion Jesus intended it to be. Second, it examines mysticism and cosmic consciousness from the theological, philosophical, and psychological perspectives and how it has been a part of humanity’s spiritual quest and religious cultures, particularly Christianity, throughout history. It ultimately describes a new way of being Christian, a way in which we are to follow the example of Jesus and take the path he describes to the kingdom of God, which is the attainment of Christ consciousness or mystical realization. In Naturally Miraculous, we see how achieving the consciousness of Christ has been humanity’s ultimate purpose all along.

Peter Stilla

Peter Stilla is a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and spent most of his career working in journalism before earning a master’s degree in theology from the Boston Theological Institute. After graduation, he was ordained into Christian Universalist ministry by the Christian Universalist Association. He now lives in Western Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters and is a communications specialist for the University of Massachusetts

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