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Want to get more involved? The CUA is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, and new openings are available for the start of the 2020. You must be a regular member of the CUA, and you should be a regular contributor, in both money and time. Board positions are a 3-year term, and we have monthly video/phone meetings.

While we avoid the term “denomination,” we provide many of the services, resources, and events of a small denomination:

  • Official recognition for congregations and ministries
  • Ministerial Education by correspondence (as an alternative to seminary)
  • Ordination as Clergy, for both chaplains and congregational ministers
  • Endorsement for chaplains
  • Search assistance for hiring a pastor or chaplain
  • Resources to support, understand, and spread the message of universal reconciliation–that the restorative love and peacemaking ethics of Jesus frees people to love one another rather than struggling under the burden of religion
  • Resources and support, to understand and spread the practice of working toward restorative solutions and responses to conflict and social problems
  • Conventions, conferences, regional gatherings, and online conversations

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Let me know what you think, ask if you have any questions:
(719) 495-6500 (USA)

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