Hell? No!: Why You Can Be Certain There Is No Such Place As Hell

Hell? No!: Why You Can Be Certain There Is No Such Place As Hell by Rick Lannoye is a compelling exploration into the concept of Hell, its origins, and its impact on society. While not a new release, it is now available as an audiobook.

If you are one of the millions of people who, as a young child, was instilled with the fear that God actually tortures people for eternity, this book is for you! In Hell? No!

Rick Lannoye masterfully unravels all the ploys used to perpetuate the fear of Hell, beginning with the history of its pagan origins, the process by which Christianity adopted Hades’ Realm from Greek mythology and how the original gospels have been manipulated to keep the unfounded fear of Hell alive today. Most importantly, Lannoye provides practical advice to anyone–no matter how emotionally and spiritually abused–about how they can be set free and become absolutely certain there is no such place as Hell.

Rick Lannoye

Most who know Rick Lannoye are familiar with the many years he spent as a volunteer activist- lobbying, organizing and publishing-to bring the voice of reason to those in places of power. His earlier work focused on the institutions of government, education, and the family. But in recent years, he has turned his attention toward religion in general and the "Evangelical" Movement in particular, exposing the many ways in which the loudest voices claiming to know what God demands contradict what the Man of Galilee actually taught.

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  1. Gordon Wallis

    Can I buy this book?

    1. Staff

      There are limited copies available on Amazon and elsewhere. It is currently out of print, but we ran it in the newsletter because the audiobook was just released.

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