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Essay: A New Hybrid Model of Reincarnation

Editor’s note: While reincarnation remains a small minority interpretation within CU, Brian has put some thought into the topic, and offers an interesting contribution to the conversation. Brian reminds us that: The inspiration for this essay came from the author, Dick Sutphen (1937-2020), and The Holy Bible. 

Our current understanding of reincarnation is flawed. There are, at present, more people living today on the Earth, than there are “past lives” to go around. For this very reason, the numerical inconsistency requires us to consider a new model of reincarnation. This paper suggests such a model. This new model may be called “simultaneous multiple incarnations,” due to its unique nature, flexibility, and functionality.

According to mainstream western religious beliefs, a person can expect to live on Earth for only one life. After that will come the judgment of God. From a plain reading of one relevant Biblical text, this would appear to be true Hebrews 9:27(NIV). With respect to this, the model that is proposed suggests that all humans were created by God with a dual nature; first as a “spirit” being, and then as a “living soul” when God breathed into man the breath of life Genesis 2:7 (KJV). Hence, there is a hybrid relationship between “spirit” and “soul.” The following two Biblical texts, 1 Thessalonians 5:23 (KJV),and Hebrews 4:12(KJV), make it clear that the “spirit” and “soul” are separate and distinct from one another. The purpose of the “soul” of man can be said to house the human “ego identity,” in which all people are aware of themselves as “individuals.” At the moment of death, the physical body will die, but the human “soul” (ego identity) will enter “Paradise” if one has lived a life of love and service. A less perfect life will be received into the lower levels of consciousness, but ultimate redemption will follow for all humanity Luke 3:16 (NIV). Our “spirit,” which is the purest part of man, is capable of rising above the “soul” in awareness, and can reach God directly without any ego restrictions. This is implied in the following scripture Ecclesiastes 12:7 (NIV).

All humans will pass through multiple stages of purification in the hereafter, but the “soul” (ego identity) of a human will most likely never return to Earth as another person, in the conventional understanding of reincarnation. However, the potential exists for the human “spirit” to return to life again, on Earth, or perhaps other worlds, and experience rebirth as entirely new individuals, each one with a separate and unique “soul” (ego identity). It is even possible for this to occur in parallel lifetimes, as more than one rebirth can be managed during overlapping lifetimes. The infinite number of “spirits” commonly oversee this process, thereby uniting their own reincarnating “souls” to the same “spirit.” One “spirit” can thus give birth to many “souls.” Mankind is normally unaware of this occurring, as it is beyond our perception.

The purpose of “simultaneous multiple incarnations” is to achieve the highest creative aptitude for every “spirit,” allowing for more than one rebirth to occur in parallel lifetimes and in different cultures of the world. When the maximum creative potential has been reached for each “spirit,” there will be no further need for reincarnation. The one “who is victorious” will become a “pillar in the temple of God,” and “never again will they leave it” (to experience another life on Earth or possibly other worlds) Revelation 3:12 (NIV).

Verified spontaneous past-life memories in young children have been carefully documented and catalogued, here and here, by anthropologist, Dr. James G. Matlock, and by psychiatrist, Dr. Ian Stevenson.

The following Biblical passages showed that Jesus and his disciples took the teaching of reincarnation for granted. Nowhere in scripture did Jesus specifically deny the concept, even though he offered an alternative explanation to the question of sin and consequence, when he and his disciples came upon a man born blind. Note that he himself said that Elijah had come back as John the Baptist. This would seem to indicate a belief in reincarnation: John 9:1-3 (KJV); Matthew 16:13-16 (NIV); Matthew 17:10-13 (NIV).

After death, the human “soul” (ego identity) will steadily decline as a dominant presence in the human condition and be increasingly replaced by the higher “spirit” consciousness. The “spirit” rises above all ego, and will one day unite all mankind under the full sovereignty of The Son of God. The apostle Paul wrote, in his First Letter to the Corinthians, that The Son of God Himself will become subject to the complete authority of God the Father. During this phase, all “soul” energy will likely dissipate entirely. All mankind will live in perfect “spirit” oneness with God, and God will then be “all in all” 1 Corinthians 15:24-28 (NIV).

Brian Ezrin

Brian Ezrin is a stalwart presence within our community. He is a quiet theologian, and a steadfast supporter of our association and its staff. Alongside Mirtha, his wife, Brian calls the vibrant city of Mississauga, Canada home. Brian's unwavering support and thoughtful engagement with the intricate tapestries of theology remind us of the profound impact quiet wisdom can have on a lively, searching community.

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  1. Wadhamite

    Perhaps it’s simplistic, but I am not worried about the upward population growth. I am more concerned about times like the 13th century A.D. when population declined and there would not have been enough people to reincarnate into. Hinduism allows reincarnation into animal life. A serious nuclear war could put the earth back into that position again in the future. I appreciate the perspective that we have finite time-limited minds and what a divine might do beyond us is beyond our understanding. Merger with the divine (moksha) seems more comprehensible by our limited minds than multiple reincarnations — but how will we ever know?

  2. Sydney Lynn Lok

    I have seen it written by other spiritualists that our Oversouls who stay in the spirit realm incarnate many souls simultaneously on the earth plane in different time periods, sister and brother souls so each soul lives but one life and yet if a particular soul is regressed she or he will remember these other simultaneous souls from the same Oversoul as past or even future lives. Fascinating! This is mainly from the book, “Beyond Past Lives” by Mira Kelley. I find it refreshing that Christian Universal is uncovering this from the Bible. And my heart sings that the truth of universal redemption is for all of us!

  3. Jimmy Patel

    Brian Ezrin your words come from Spirit, the Formless Absolute Father beyond Creation! Your Explanation touches my Soul and I feel deeply uplifted. You will be able to touch many Souls who come in the orbit of your Presence! Very Happy! Jimmy P Mississauga Ontario.

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