Looking at ordination, but don’t want to re-study stuff you already know?

No one wants to repeat what they’ve already studied; we recognize that some people doing ministry have studied on their own: combining books, videos, research, workshops, seminars, and other educational opportunities to build their own education. The CUA now has a “Portfolio Guide” to help you present your case for recognition of your studies, in … Read more >>

Michael Miller Approved For Ordination

The Christian Universalist Association is thrilled to announce that Michael P. Miller has been approved for ordination. Michael P. Miller earned a Master’s degree in the Arts of Theological Studies (MATS) from Liberty University in December of 2017, and later transferred to Regent University to continue his education. He currently serves as a Children’s Director … Read more >>

New Book by CUA’s own Don Erickson!

Jesus, Iconoclast: Master Practitioner-Preacher of Radical Compassion & Essential Humility examines the iconoclastic life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. From the “riches in the rags” story of the nativity to his compassion-moved sacrifice to save his disciples, this book reflects on Jesus as a social and religious outcast who in turn ministers first and … Read more >>

Peter Stilla was ordained

By REV. DON ERICKSON https://www.recorder.com/An-ordination-17076115 On April 8, the Community Church of North Orange and Tully hosted an ordination. The now “Reverend” Peter Stilla was ordained by the Christian Universalist Association (CUA), a religious organization that this past summer celebrated its 10th year of existence. Compared to its older and larger cousin, the Unitarian Universalist … Read more >>