New Books to Recommend

Both are good reads! One looks at a personal decision to accept Christian Universalism; the other is a short but deep dive into the Eucharist. Each offers a lot to earn their place on the recommended reading list. The Judge Is the Savior: Towards a Universalist Understanding of Salvationby Jean Wyatt(2015 — kindle and paperback) … Read more >>

New Congregation in Cutler Bay, Florida

United Church of the Good Shepherd Iglesia Unida del Buen Pastor is the newest affiliated congregation in the Association. We are an ecclesial community dedicated to worshipping, serving and proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We seek justice, reconciliation and welcome all who repent before God to live out this call together. Good Shepherd … Read more >>

Audrey Drummonds & Interior Coverings Ministry formalize CUA affiliation.

Interior Coverings Ministries is a marketplace resource center created to help unify individuals and other ministries. We all have unique talents and gifts to share, and ICM’s mission is to help you develop and share your uniqueness through support and connection with other members of the body of Christ. ICM offers a central hub of … Read more >>

Newsletter Articles Needed!

Original submissions wanted! We want you to submit articles for publication. There are some minimum requirements: In general, authors must be either individual CUA members, or CUA members representing an affiliated congregation or ministry. Content must be new–not just a repost of something you’ve already published elsewhere. Articles must be related to some aspect of … Read more >>

Homosexuality in Scripture

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Denominations worldwide have been arguing about homosexuality for a few decades. In the USA this is amplified by the American tendency to see everything in political terms—even topics that don’t make sense being politicized. The CUA has a strong inclination to see Christian Universalism as the sole major doctrinal issue. This has the unintended consequence … Read more >>

CUA Office Remains Open

For those caring for loved ones, you are in our prayers. For those stuck at home going stir-crazy, think of this as a great time to study. Since the CUA was formed after the invention of the Internet, we’ve always been working from home—no mater who was the public face of the CUA at the … Read more >>

Join & Support the CUA

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When the CUA was founded, in 2007, it was just a discussion group for theologians, and repository for information about ultimate reconciliation. We did not call ourselves a denomination, and still don’t; but our founders learned, quickly, that the CUA was called to provide denominational services: Official recognition for congregations and ministries Ministerial Education by … Read more >>

New book added to the CUA recommended list

That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation by David Bentley Hart (2019, Yale University Press — hardcover, audio, kindle) Orthodox theologian and philosopher David Bentley Hart makes the case that nearly two millennia of dogmatic tradition have misled readers on the crucial matter of universal salvation. On the basis of the earliest … Read more >>