CUA now in Hong Kong

James Clare has been running a Facebook ministry, and is now in the process of starting a physical congregation in Hong Kong. Good Shepherd Church is a Christian Universalist congregation seeking to re-unite the body of Christ above and beyond denominations and doctrines for the purpose of bringing God’s Kingdom to Earth, as it is … Read more >>

The CUA in 2020

This year has been particularly hard as the world has struggled with the Covid-19 pandemic. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones, been ill, lost employment, are struggling to keep their businesses afloat, or are dealing with the stress and anxiety. In the midst of this, there have been exciting things … Read more >>

More Apologetics Books

With more and more people realizing that God is reconciling all to Himself, the number of academic CU books is growing! We now have five reading options in our Apologetics 2 course: The Inescapable Love of God 2nd Ed. by Thomas Talbott The Evangelical Universalist 2nd Ed. by Gregory MacDonald That All Shall Be Saved: … Read more >>

What’s Next For The CUA?

Chaplain Endorsement For most of the CUA’s existence, we’ve had more clergy ministering through chaplaincy, than through Congregations. Chaplains working for large employers, or those looking for Board Certification, need endorsement from organizations larger than the CUA; so endorsement has been a combined task between the chaplain, the CUA, and a larger, recognized endorsing agency. … Read more >>

Contradiction Created By The False Doctrine Of Eternal Conscious Torture

BETWEEN GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY AND HUMAN FREE WILL CALVINISM [Focus on Sovereignty]T-total DepravityU-nconditional ElectionL-imited AtonementI-rresistible GraceP-erseverance of the Saints ARMINIANISM [Focus on Free Will]Partial DepravityConditional ElectionUnlimited AtonementResistible GraceSaints Can Lose Salvation GOD’S SOVEREIGNTY AND HUMAN FREE WILL HARMONIZEDBY ADDING THE “S” TO CREATE THE TULIPS ACROSTIC T-otal Love of God—All-Inclusive/Unconditional/Everlasting—Saves ALLU-nconditional Election of Helpers to Save … Read more >>

Literalism Versus Symbolism

On August 14, 2011, I heard the Reverend Dr. John Hagee, a self-confessed literalist, preaching on national TV. He stated that The Holy Bible must be taken literally. He thus received applause from his mega-church congregation. He then went on preaching and declared, in regard to the beauty of Jesus, that He is the “Lily … Read more >>