Other places to worship, if there are no CUA congregations near you:

People often contact us for help in finding a local church where they can be comfortable holding and expressing the principles and beliefs that underlie Christian Universalism. To help in that search, the CUA has extended to churches the opportunity to identify themselves with those principles and beliefs, even though they might not presently be formally affiliated with the Christian Universalist Association. What follows is a list of those “CUA Friendly Churches” that have responded to that invitation:

If you are in the leadership of a congregation that teaches Christian Universalism, and would like to learn more about either CUA affiliation, or how to get listed here, learn more about the process.


New York


Gaines Congregational United Church of Christ
• We teach that “Through Christ, all are reconciled to God.”
• Reconciliation with God is only possible through Christ.
• We do not discriminate based on human diversity.