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Board of Directors, call for membership

Want to get more involved? The CUA is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, and new openings are available for the start of the 2022. You must be a member of the CUA, and you should be a regular contributor, in both money and time. Board positions are typically a 3-year term, and we have monthly Zoom meetings.

While we avoid the term “denomination,” we provide many of the services, resources, and events of a small denomination:

  • Official recognition for congregations and ministries
  • Ministerial Education by correspondence (as an alternative to seminary)
  • Ordination as Clergy, for both chaplains and congregational ministers
  • Endorsement for chaplains
  • Search assistance for hiring a pastor or chaplain
  • Resources to support, understand, and spread the message of universal reconciliation–that the restorative love and peacemaking ethics of Jesus frees people to love one another, rather than a burden of religiosity.
  • Resources and support, to understand and spread the practice of working toward restorative solutions and responses to conflict and social problems
  • Conventions, conferences, regional gatherings, and online conversations

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Send a note of your interest to the Contact us if you have any questions.

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