Erickson and Ward approved for the Ordination Course

Don Erickson of Orange, Massachusetts, and Heike Ward, of Sequim, Washington, are now taking the course, with a good hope of being ordained by the end of 2015. Don’s ordination will take place at the Mid-Atlantic Gathering August 30 in Philadelphia, and Heike’s will happen in a special October ordination service with the police and sheriff departments she will be serving as chaplain. Both Don and Heike are extraordinarily gifted and are well-convinced that the grace of God in Jesus Christ has won the redemption of everyone. Thanks be to GOD!

Mid-Atlantic Gathering August 30 in Philadelphia

All CUs are invited to come to this gathering on Sunday afternoon, August 30, at The Church of the Restoration in Philadelphia. The Eucharist will be shared, men and women will be ordained, CU songs and hymns will be sung, new friends will be made, and the victorious gospel of universal salvation will be preached with fervor and conviction. To get on the email list for more announcements, contact Coordinator Rich Koster at

Price, Wooldridge, and Chapman approved to take ordination course

At its November 22, 2014 meeting, two applicants were approved by the CUA Board of Directors to be “short-tracked” in taking the CUA ordination course: Robert Price of Hampton, Virginia; and Darryl Wooldridge of Long Beach, California. At its January 15, 2015 meeting, the CUA board approved Jeannie Chapman of Tiger, Georgia, also to be short-tracked.
Bob Price has already had a distinguished career as a chaplain and teaches Clinical Pastoral Education. Darryl Wooldridge has also been a chaplain, but with a Ph.D. in Theology from North-West University his niche has been in education, training, and writing, especially in the field of Spiritual Transformation. Jeannie Chapman also has had CPE training and has been a counselor and educator, but her gifts are also very notable in music.
What outstanding candidates for ordination!!

CU Rally January 28 – February 1 at The Bridge At Flat Rock

At what may be the only church in the land that is squarely built on the promise of “universal salvation”, a rally will be held at the end of January. Lots of joyous music and praise, Bible teaching, testimonies, and good old-fashioned Christian fellowship will fill each evening at the Bridge At Flat Rock. Host pastor Robert Rutherford will be glad to answer your questions and help pave the way for you to attend. Find him on Facebook or call him at 828.421.1118. Sign up early and car pooling will be arranged wherever possible.

Two New Directors Elected To the CUA Board

Lance Haverkamp of Colorado Springs and Charlane Leslie Stead of Las Vegas have been elected to three-year terms on the Board of Directors.  Lance brings a strong background in education, finance, theology and Biblical studies.  Charlane is a professional violinist who is winding down her career as an attorney serving largely in the public arena.  Welcome these two gifted and quality persons to the CUA Board!

CUA Georgia and Carolinas Gathering in October

This regional gathering will take place on October 19-20 at The Bridge, a Christian Universalist Congregation in Eatonton, Georgia pastored by Robert Rutherford. Robert is a fount of poetry and song and we are really looking forward to being with him at this gathering! (Check out his song “Grace Triumphs Over Judgement” on Youtube. It is truly an Christian Universalist Theme Song). For more information on this event, contact Rich at

March Colorado CUA Gathering

Seven members and friends of the CUA from Oklahoma, Texas and Iowa met in Cortez, Colorado in March at the home of Mary Keller, the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The events included lively discussions, peace dance singing with guest musicians, touring of sacred places of the Ancients, a gondola ride at 11,000 feet, and a tour of the Four Corners Monument (where Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona meet). Kalen Fristad, the co-founder of the CUA and presently its “Ambassador At Large” shared a wonderful message on the history of Universalism at the Sunday service. Mary hopes to make this a yearly event.

CUA members and friends at Four Corners

L to R: Wilfred Berlin, Stan Seidner, Mary Keller, Drake Berlin



New CUA Website Launched

The Christian Universalist Association is pleased to announce that we have launched a new and improved website at Our new website is powered by the WordPress content management system and includes a built-in blog and social media links.

Most of the content of the new CUA website is the same as the old one, but has been brought up to date and made easier to read and navigate. We expect to add new content on our blog at least once per month.

We encourage all members and friends of the CUA to share the link to our new website on Facebook and Twitter, your blog, and wherever else you connect with people who might be interested. Thanks for helping to spread the word!