Are you CUA friendly?

In addition to official CUA member congregations, we are also starting a list of CUA Friendly congregations.

Since 2007, we are the only big-umbrella association proclaiming that all are reconciled to God, through Christ. We are how your congregation handles those things that are generally too complex for a single church or ministry like: chaplain endorsement, wide-reaching pastor searches, globally recognized ordination, conventions, etc. The CUA has thousands of members, in about 40 countries around the world; we are your door to the worldwide CU church.

We are not a denomination, there is no top-heavy bureaucracy with a lengthy, rigid doctrine. We are a loose affiliation of congregations, along with individuals.

You can increase awareness about your congregation by affiliating with the Christian Universalist Association. If your congregation would like to affiliate with the CUA, or learn more about getting listed as CUA Friendly, you can learn more here.

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