Board of Directors

The CUA serves according to it’s Bylaws, with the voluntary effort of its small Board of Directors.
Current directors and officers include:

Lance Haverkamp (Board Chair) studied at both Denver Seminary, and Wagner (Church) Leadership Institute;  earning both a Master’s and Doctorate in Practical Ministry. He has been both a staff & volunteer leader in congregations, and denominational ministry;  as well as service the boards of performing  and visual arts organizations. In business, Lance helps companies of all kinds find & train talent, using detailed personality matching.


Charlane Stead Leslie joined the board in 2015. An accomplished violinist, with extensive involvement with various orchestras, she is also a retired attorney with many years of service with local and state government. Charlane has been active in churches her whole life, teaching, leading worship, and serving on ministry teams. A graduate of UNLV, she received her J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law and studied for several years at Kings College. [photo coming soon]

Jim EgbertReverend James E. Egbert is an ordained minister of the Christian Universalist Association who lives in Lansdale Pennsylvania.   Currently James serves as an Adjunct Chaplain at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and occasionally serves as a guest preacher at a local church. James also practices law in Abington, Pennsylvania where he concentrates his practice in estate planning and administration as well as corporate law.  In his legal capacity he has assisted in the startup of several churches and assists churches with legal challenges.  James became a Board member of the CUA in November 2017.  James is married to Julie Cavanagh-Egbert and has three children and three grandchildren.

Richard RossiRichard Rossi earned Bachelors and Masters pastoral degrees from Liberty University where he met his wife, Sherrie, and theater and film degrees at L.A. Valley College. Richard planted several multi-cultural churches. He loves to preach, lead worship, and train others. Richard writes and directs films sharing the gospel. His film work is Academy Award-considered and includes Sister Aimee (2008), Baseball’s Last Hero (2013), and Canaan Land (2018). Richard & Sherrie planted and lead Eternal Grace, a church in Hollywood to support those making a journey towards grace. Richard hosts a radio program, “Richard Rossi Live,” with an international audience. Richard and Sherrie have two children, Josh, a musician, and Karis, a graduate theology student at Princeton.



Click here to see a chronological list of CUA leaders from founding to present (including those no longer serving on the Board), when they have served and what offices they have held.