Who are we?

The Christian Universalist Association (CUA) is the only international, big-umbrella group for all Christian Universalists. Officially we’re an “association of churches.” We also have para-church members who teach CU through non-church ministries. Some members are authors of books, podcasts, blogs, etc. And hundreds who have joined as an individual; with backgrounds ranging from very conservative, to very liberal, plus Catholic, Orthodox, and others.

While we avoid the term “denomination,” we provide many of the services of a small denomination:
• Official recognition for your congregation or ministry
• Ordination for chaplains & ministers
• Clergy education by correspondence (as an alternative to seminary)
• Educational tools & support
• Search assistance for hiring a pastor, or chaplain
• Conventions, regional gatherings, and online chats

Take advantage of membership in the CUA!

Learn more about our community of faith:

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