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Three new clergy added to the roster

Richard “Scott” Sloan, is married to Jayne Davis-Sloan, he has one daughter (Lily), and a step-daughter (Kayli), in Sunbury, Ohio. Yes, he’s a proud alumnus of The Ohio State University (a forever Buckeye, he admits). Just after his ordination with the CUA he began a Hospice Chaplain position with Kindred Hospice Care in Marion, Ohio.

He has a Master’s in Theological Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and is working on a Doctorate in Ministry, from Northwind Theological Seminary with an emphasis in Chaplaincy and Spiritual Direction.

His hobbies are walking the dogs in the woods, weightlifting, following The Ohio State Buckeyes, studying history, archaeology, and theology.

For over 34 years, Gary Simpson worked as a teacher and then a counselor at a large distance learning and online school. He has an M.A. in Guidance and Counseling and an Ed.S. in Educational Psychology from Loma Linda University, and a Master of Religious Education from Newman Theological College. He is completing an M.Div. from Starr King School for the Ministry.

Gary speaks locally, regionally, and nationally on topics related to the counseling needs of youth, and to spirituality and counseling.

Gary is a member of the Worship Committee Affirming Ministries at McDougall United Church, a United Church of Canada congregation.  He assists the Worship Committee by conducting some church services.  Affirm United is an organization that supports Affirming United Church of Canada congregations.  In 2017, Gary won the volunteer of the Year Award from the national organization Affirm United. 

In his spare time, Gary gives online prayer liturgies on several social media platforms.  He enjoys photography, and spending quality time with two pianos and an electronic organ. 

William “Bill” Robinson III wanted to be part of the original Universalist Church of America, and was licensed by them; but by the time he graduated from seminary, they had merged with the Unitarians. Bill has a long history of teaching & preaching CU throughout the Rocky Mountain region. His academic and ministry has included:

  • AB degree, from Princeton, magna cum laude, in 1951
  • Master’s of Theology from Iliff Seminary, Denver, Colorado, 1958
  • Licensed minister, by the original Universalist Church of America
  • Senior Minister, First Universalist Church of Denver, 1953-1962
  • Ordained Unitarian Universalist Association, 1961
  • Juris Doctor, University of Denver College of Law, 1965

He asked us to affirm his ordination as being actually Christian; and we were thrilled to do so! He views his ministry now as being a part of many Fraternal & service organizations in the larger Denver area. He still preaches some, and celebrates the occasional wedding.

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  1. Richard Lukasiewic

    Richard, Gary and William I want to welcome all 3 of you to the CUA. My prayers and blessings to you in offering your spirituality to others as members of the CUA.

    1. David Huber

      God Bless all of you who are bringing The Bible’s Message of Universal Reconciliation through Jesus Christ!

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