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A short word about how the CUA protects your privacy

The CUA has always been cautious with your information:

Data we control

  • We do not sell your information.
  • You have the option of supporting us through third-party purchases, in addition to your donations. Book links are the best example of this.
  • We don’t normally share your contact information outside our member congregations and clergy; which is typically limited to announcing a new local congregation, or other meeting opportunities.
  • Our website traffic has been encrypted for years.
  • The only third-party cookies we use are to help us understand the needs of our members.
  • Our newsletter is handled on our own server systems; no Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, nor other outside list management company is involved.
  • We don’t go outside unless we need to; and we keep that to a minimum:
    • Hubspot maintains our membership records, which is limited to basic contact info; you can review their privacy here:
    • Our online systems are hosted at NameHero; you can review their privacy here:
  • We have already blocked Google’s new FloC tracking system from our website.

Data we don’t control

We have no control over Facebook. The privacy issues with Facebook are many, and they are well understood. As we keep reminding people, we are not a Facebook group; we are the de facto global denomination for Christian Universalism—worldwide; no we still don’t call ourselves a denomination, but denominational services continue to be what we are asked to provide (if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…).

We are looking at more secure options for social media, for those who would like a non-Facebook alternative. Given the dominance of Facebook in the social media arena, we expect to have a presence on Facebook for a long time to come. In no way, is any participation in any social media platform ever needed to belong to the CUA.

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