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More Apologetics Books

With more and more people realizing that God is reconciling all to Himself, the number of academic CU books is growing! We now have five reading options in our Apologetics 2 course:

Early reviews of Grace Saves All by David Artman are great. Members who have gotten their hands on a copy tell me that it would make a perfect addition to our Apologetics 1 reading options. That would be very helpful, as we’ve had to drop a couple of older books that have become hard to find.

Systematic Theology is a course we’ve never been able to offer in our ministerial education program; but now it’s at least in the early planning stages. David W. Congdon wrote The God Who Saves in 2016. He calls it “A Dogmatic Sketch” rather than a Systematic Theology text; but it may become the basis for a CUA Systematic Theology course soon.

If you’re looking to dig a little deeper into Christian Universalist Theology, these are all great reads!

While most CUA clergy have come through a traditional brick & mortar educational program, we have offered a correspondence alternative for many years. Whether your interest is towards ordination, or merely academic, we’d love to answer ant questions you have about studying, pastor and chaplain vocations, or getting more involved in the CUA.

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