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What’s Next For The CUA?

Chaplain Endorsement

For most of the CUA’s existence, we’ve had more clergy ministering through chaplaincy, than through Congregations. Chaplains working for large employers, or those looking for Board Certification, need endorsement from organizations larger than the CUA; so endorsement has been a combined task between the chaplain, the CUA, and a larger, recognized endorsing agency. For many years, our chaplains have requested that we handle endorsement in-house as soon as we are able. That time is now:

  • We have people with experience handling complex federal filings.
  • We have continuing education coursework and record keeping.
  • We have contact relationship management software, to assist with personnel tracking

It’s an important step in the growth of the CUA, not merely for the convenience of our chaplains. Being recognized as an Endorsing Agency means that chaplains who have come to a CU understanding of Christianity will be able to keep ministering, rather than getting defrocked, by their old denomination, for teaching CU.


We’ve always been tax-exempt, but part of the requirements of becoming a recognized chaplain Endorsing Agency is obtaining a 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination, as a Church body, from the US Internal Revenue Service. Again—that time is now:

  • We have people with experience handling complex federal filings.
  • We have members, and clergy who work in the legal field, and are willing to help.
  • Our Bylaws and Policies are being revised and codified, by our Board of Directors.

How are we going to pay for all this?

Aye, there’s the rub.” All this requires far more hours than we’re accustomed to! We already have two people working nearly-full-time with students, ordinands, pastors, congregations, and chaplains; plus running our online projects like our website, newsletter, and record-keeping. Our Directors and Committee members are all volunteers. In years past, we have paid a small stipend to staff. That hasn’t happened for the last few years; our current staff has gone completely unpaid. The increase in hours that chaplain endorsement requires will push us way beyond that two-person-full-time effort that we’re expending now.

All that to say…we need a lot more of our members and congregations donating, than we currently have. Do you donate from time-to-time? Consider becoming a Sustaining Monthly donor. Can you afford to match the donations of several smaller donors? If so, contact the office. Is your congregation passing-the-plate once a year, for the Association; or do you have the CUA included as part of your regularly supported organizations? You should, if the CUA is your affiliated denomination.

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