Julie Ferwerda on the Doctrine of Hell Under Fire

Julie Ferwerda, a former board member of CUA, is raising hell. But in a really good way. It’s been almost ten years since her book on the doctrine of hell was published—Raising Hell: Christianity’s most controversial doctrine put under fire. It has touched so many to begin a journey to rethink the retributive theologies found in most churches and start trusting that God really is good. You know, just like Jesus actually said and demonstrated.

Recently, Julie joined me on The Spiritual Brewpub Podcast to talk about where’s she’s been. We had a fascinating conversation on what starts a person’s journey to question hell, what stages people go through to finally reject it, and how one’s life is changed for the better as a result. Julie shares what led her to see the biblical, historical, emotional, logical, and Jewish cultural evidence that debunks hell (it’s all in her book) and how she was set free from fear-based faith and began to love people naturally. 

She also gives advice to people who are questioning hell or other harmful beliefs, whether secretly or publicly. How does one get through stages of deconstruction? Hear from Julie on that question and more—and her plans for her next book on examining “the problem of evil” in the world.

The Spiritual Brewpub is a safe haven for anyone questioning abusive or legalistic theology. It helps you make sense of your faith by examining modern, popular theology through the lens of a good study of history, biblical and ancient scholarship, and reason. Grab your favorite brew and join us!

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