Newsletter Articles Needed!

Lance Haverkamp

After a few years of hiatus, we have a newsletter again! As with most organizations these days it’s no longer a paper, mailed periodical; but rather an email of recent online articles.

Original submissions wanted!

We want you to submit articles for publication. There are some minimum requirements:

  • In general, authors must be either individual CUA members, or CUA members representing an affiliated congregation or ministry.
  • Content must be new–not just a repost of something you’ve already published elsewhere.
  • Articles must be related to the theology, or ministry of those in the CUA.

Contact the office for submission instructions.

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    A board member from some time ago. I teach ethics at a local college and am a newspaper columnist and often contributor to the Universalist Herald. Many of my weekly columns deal with spiritual themes, often universalist in an expansive view. I’d be glad to submit some of these if they might be helpful.

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