Newsletter Articles Needed!

Lance Haverkamp

Original submissions wanted!

We want you to submit articles for publication. There are some minimum requirements:

  • In general, authors must be either individual CUA members, or CUA members representing an affiliated congregation or ministry.
  • Content must be new–not just a repost of something you’ve already published elsewhere.
  • Articles must be related to some aspect of theology, worship, or the ministry of those in the CUA.

Contact the office for submission instructions.

4 Replies to “Newsletter Articles Needed!”

  1. johncmorgan

    A board member from some time ago. I teach ethics at a local college and am a newspaper columnist and often contributor to the Universalist Herald. Many of my weekly columns deal with spiritual themes, often universalist in an expansive view. I’d be glad to submit some of these if they might be helpful.

  2. Boyd Purcell

    Lance, will this writing of mine meet the requirements of an article?


    T-total Depravity [no one capable of believing] Partial Depravity [all capable of believing]
    U-nconditional Election [of the few elect] Conditional Election [elected by believing]
    L-imited Atonement [only for the few elect] Unlimited Atonement [but still few saved]
    I-rresistible Grace [for only the few elect] Resistible Grace [may be resisted forever]
    P-erseverance of Saints [can’t lose salvation] Salvation not Assured [can lose salvation]
    The crux: God able but unwilling to save all The crux: God willing but unable to save all

    T-otal Love [of God—all-inclusive/unconditional/everlasting—saves ALL]
    U-nconditional Election [of ALL or helpers to save ALL proves God is impartial]
    L-amb of God [takes away ALL individual sins and collective sin of the whole world]
    I-nfinite Grace/Mercy/Patience [of God is why God will not/can not ever fail]
    P-apa God [our loving heavenly Father will SURELY become ALL in ALL]
    S-ymbolic Fire/Salt/Sulfur [mixed metaphors—disinfect/heal/purify from sin]
    The crux of Christian Universalism: God, able and willing, without violating free will, saves all!

    The total love of God will totally correct depraved behavior whether depravity is partial or even total. Please notice the slashes between: “all-inclusive/unconditional/everlasting” (John 3:16; I Cor. 13:4-8; Jer. 31:3), because these characteristics of God’s total love are inseparable. All created beings will be saved and freely worship God forever (Rev. 5:13)! If God should have chosen to save only a few “elect,” and, de facto, damn almost all to be tortured forever in the fire of hell, God’s love would obviously be favoritism to the nth degree! Likewise, if the atonement of Christ should be limited to a few “elect,” that would evidently be partiality to the nth degree! The Bible states that God is impartial, showing no favoritism to anyone, due to being no respecter of persons (Rom. 2:11; James 2:1-9). God being impartial PROVES Christ’s atonement is unlimited! Praise the Lamb of God who takes away ALL SIN(S) of the WHOLE WORLD (John 1:29; 4:42; I John 2:2; 4:14)!

    Calvinists use the term “irresistible grace” as to how all the “elect” will be drawn to God by the Holy Spirit. Arminians say almost all will resist saving grace till it is “forever too late.” The truth is God’s grace can be resisted indefinitely, but will not be resisted forever, as evidenced by Jesus drawing all to himself, all living in Christ, and all freely submitting to and sincerely confessing Jesus is Lord to the glory of God (John 12:32; Rom. 5:18; 14:9-11; I Cor. 15:22; Phil. 2:9-11)! Confusion over the resistibility of saving grace can easily be resolved by simply understanding God’s grace/mercy/patience are infinite! Jesus, who spoke Aramaic, called God “Abba,” meaning “Papa” (Mk.14:36). Papa God’s mercy endures forever (per all 26 verses of Psalm 136 KJV) [“steadfast love,” N/RSV]! God shall, as surely as the sun is hot and ice is cold, become all in all [KJV]—everything to every one [RSV] (I Cor. 15:28). The Calvinistic and Arminian formulations of God’s sovereignty vs. human free will are good examples of spiritual insanity due to ECT! Sanity is the Bible uses fire/salt/sulfur as mixed metaphors symbolizing disinfection/healing/purification from sin. Jesus thus stated the purpose of Gehenna/hell, “For every one shall be salted with fire” (Mk. 9:49). Hades/hell and death cease to exist in lake of fire/brimstone/burning sulfur [NIV] (Rev. 20:14).

    *Eternal Conscious Torment in Hell
    Boyd C. Purcell, Ph.D., Author of Books Spiritual Terrorism and Christianity Without Insanity

  3. James Strahan

    I will send you the contents of something new to the email address I have for you. I sent you something previously on this subject, but I have simplified and reduced the contents for a shorter read. I’m very excited about this one, because I’ve never seen an argument quite like it. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to share.

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