Homosexuality in Scripture

Denominations worldwide have been arguing about homosexuality for a few decades. In the USA this is amplified by the American tendency to see everything in political terms—even topics that don’t make sense being politicized.

The CUA has a strong inclination to see Christian Universalism as the sole major doctrinal issue. This has the unintended consequence of knocking-down every other doctrinal topic to minor, or at least secondary, importance. While we don’t make much noise about homosexuality, we have had an official position for years.

Anti-homosexual Christians assume that everyone else is choosing to disobey Scripture. That’s entirely inaccurate, it’s their interpretation we disagree with, not obedience to God. We disagree with the idea that Scripture can be translated and interpreted in a vacuum—to the exclusion of the worldview of the original audience. We hear the Law, the Prophets, and Paul telling an entirely different message. Here are a couple of books that do a very good job of discussing the homosexuality portions of Scripture in their original context:

Learning to Interpret Scripture

Hermeneutics is the field of language studies that deals with interpretation. As humans, we decipher newspaper articles, books, legal documents, religious texts, political speeches, emails, and conversations every day of our lives. Seminaries require a course in the proper methods of interpretation; our own coursework also requires this. The Bible came to us in human language, it is best understood through the context of the human experience, through the culture, and in the time it was given.

You can study Hermeneutics just as it’s taught in seminary! Our course has a single textbook, with end-of-chapter assignments, making it easy to study as a stand-alone course. There are also DVD and workbook supplements, if you really want to dive into the deep end, but only the textbook is required.

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