Audrey Drummonds & Interior Coverings Ministry formalize CUA affiliation.

Interior Coverings Ministries is a marketplace resource center created to help unify individuals and other ministries. We all have unique talents and gifts to share, and ICM’s mission is to help you develop and share your uniqueness through support and connection with other members of the body of Christ.

ICM offers a central hub of networking and supplies to globally aid in a variety of needs from supplying Bibles to third world countries to supporting young educators with scholarship opportunities. They help connect people who may want to give and contribute to particular causes, but perhaps aren’t affiliated with any particular church or organization. Their goal is to equip ministries with the necessary resources, and to supply the opportunity for connections and individual philanthropic pursuits.

Audrey Drummonds is an author, ordained minister, dedicated educator, and respected teacher. She has equipped pastors with books, mission work, and teachings going into numerous countries around the world. Dr. Drummonds is a graduate from Tabernacle Bible College & Seminary with a PH.D. in Religious Philosophy and a Masters in Divinity. She also holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from Liberty University; and a B.S. in Philosophy and Research from the International Institute of Alternative Medicine. She and her husband currently reside in Lake County, Florida where she continues to write and support the body of Christ through ICM Ministries.

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